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[ Finished Log | Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple... ]
I Can End You, Hm?, Enjoying The View?, *Quirks Brow*, Tattoo
bladed_dragon wrote in red_moon_comm
Who: Tenten, Sasuke
What: When a second is indispensable and power becomes a necessity. 'Business as usual' was never so argumentative. Or fun.
Where: Sasuke's office
When: Tuesday, May 11th [ way, way backdated >>; ]
Rating: PG-ish for a minor implication/mention.
Warnings: None, really.

And the sun will set for you...Collapse )

Confrontation and Confession (History/Backdated before comm)
sashimilover wrote in red_moon_comm
Who: Mizuki & Iruka
When: roughly a year and a half to two years before the start of the comm
Where: Mizuki's Apt, Iruka's Apt, and a cafe
Summary: Iruka gets jealous and realizes he doesn't want it to be just friends
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: yaoi pairing but nothing happens

It wasn't fairCollapse )