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Uh oh!
ocha, 楽しい お茶, tanoshii
tanoshii_ocha wrote in red_moon_comm
Who: Shikamaru, Kiba, and Hana
When: Afternoon, a couple of days after Kiba comes back
Where: Walking down the street from Kiba’s house to a restaurant.
Summary: Hana runs into Shikamaru and Kiba, but she doesn’t know things have been worked out.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language!

Shikamaru was already fairly close to Kiba’s apartment. He’d told the man he’d take him out for food and a drink, and he’d actually meant it. He pulled the phone from his pocket and dialed Kiba’s number, hoping the man would be ready by the time he got there.

His pace was steady as he waited for Kiba to pick up. Hopefully he wouldn’t be interrupting something, though part of him hardly cared. If he’d been the cause of the problems last time for not talking, he wasn’t going to start something like that up again by not going to see his... boyfriend. Weird thought. It wasn’t something he was used to thinking, especially considering how long it had been since his last relationship. And the fact that he was in a relationship with a guy.

Shaking his head a little, Shikamaru made an impatient noise, listening to the ringtone as he continued to walk toward Kiba’s apartment.

It was several rings before Kiba picked up, like usual having lost his phone somewhere amid the mess. He knew who it was, also knew he should have located his phone ahead of time to keep such things from happening. But he didn't, not really much of a surprise, there. This time it was under his bed, of all places, but at least he managed to grab it without thunking his head on the bed this time. "Hello?" Kiba's thumb smashed down on the answer button, hoping he'd picked up in time.

Actually he'd been ready only an hour since getting off work, what with having to shower and change after walking Akamaru for a shorter than usual amount of time.

Shikamaru was about to hang up when he heard Kiba’s voice on the other end of the phone. “Hey. On my way. Do you have anywhere you want to eat?” he asked.

Hopefully Kiba hadn’t been waiting too long. He wasn’t exactly sure about the timing, because walking Akamaru could have taken longer than he anticipated.

“You in your car or on foot?” Now that Kiba thought about it he realized it was a silly question, but whatever.

“Decided to walk. It felt like a good day for walking. Should I have brought my car?” he asked, frowning a little. He knew Kiba liked to walk, though the man may not have wanted to if he’d just taken a long walk with his dog.

“Nah its cool.” Kiba groped around for his keys, making sure he had them to lock the door on his way out. “Jus’ wanted ta figure out our range, though I guess that’s more your thing. Uh... how bout th’ diner down the street?” He got to the door, pushing it open and pulling it shut behind him, figuring he’d be good and ready by the time Shikamaru turned the corner.

“Sounds good. See you soon,” he said, knowing he’d be arriving at Kiba’s place shortly. At least Kiba sounded ready. That was good. It wasn’t that Shikamaru was impatient, far from it. But he had actually kind of missed just... hanging out with Kiba.

Hanging up, Kiba stuffed his phone into his front pocket since he just had a t-shirt on and no jacket. Now that he had hands he was able to lock the door and head down the stairs, knowing Akamaru would be all right on his own, even if it was unusual for the Inuzuka to leave him behind. Heading down the stairs at least gave him less likelihood of pacing around and such.

Turning the corner, Shikamaru was only mildly surprised to see Kiba outside on the sidewalk waiting for him. “Hey,” he said, pulling a hand out of his pocket and waving. “So, you went to a dog training retreat?” He only asked the question once he was next to Kiba, pausing as he tried to think of how to greet the other man.

“Err...” Okay it was a sudden jump into conversation, but other than the pause and a couple blinks it didn’t seem to bother Kiba, really. “Yeah. It was like... goin’ back ta my mum’s place only on a farm in th’ mountains with a bunch of cops. Only with less yelling... and that’s sayin’ somethin’ ‘cause there was lots a’ yelling.” Kiba shrugged, tilting his head in the direction they were supposed to be walking. “What’d you do when I was away in the dog’s ass end middle of nowhere?”

“Worked a case. Other than that, not a whole lot. I did wonder where you disappeared to, though,” he said, hands both digging into his jacket pockets. “You learned something, though? Or did you teach them something, since you’re so good with dogs already?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. Okay, so maybe he’d been a bit... not annoyed, but... concerned, when Kiba had just disappeared. Things like that could actually happen in their job. It might have been a tiny taste of what Shikamaru had done initially, and he could see why Kiba had been upset about it.

IInstead of responding right away Kiba tented his brow, reading Shikamaru’s body language far easier than his tone of voice or confusing things like words. Without warning other than a look he wrapped his arms around Shikamaru’s waist and settled his chin on his boyfriend’s shoulder, though he didn’t bother stepping behind him to do so. “Both. Worst part was bein’ secluded and having no way ta contact anybody.”

Blinking at the sudden contact, Shikamaru’s slight tension slipped away, a half-smile on his lips. He wrapped his one arm around Kiba’s waist and let out a small sigh. “Why did it get extended for so long?” he asked, sounding a little more relaxed as he started to walk, keeping Kiba close to him.

“You’d have ta ask the trainers.” Kiba really wasn’t all that sure. Someone had probably said but that didn’t mean he’d been listening or that it included him. “Maybe people suck at their jobs and needed more training er something.” He was pretty sure it was one of those ‘only as strong as the weakest link’ deals that meant they stayed ‘til the suckiest guy was adequate. “Don’t think it was my fault for once.”

“Tch. You’re good at your job. So I don’t see why it would have been you in the first place.” He did hear good things about Kiba with the dogs. Obviously the man had a rapport with the animals, so it would make sense that he would do well at a camp like that. “Especially if they had you doing some training. It means they had faith in your abilities.”

Kiba gave another shrug. “S’not important.” At least it wasn’t to him. “I’m back so that’s enough for me. Wish I’d been able to send out letters but ‘parently in the middle ‘a nowhere a lotta places don’t got mailboxes.” Or it was just policy. He didn’t know.

“I guess. Maybe they didn’t want any more distractions than a bunch of dogs in the mountains would already cause.” He shrugged, not sure, but not caring either. If it didn’t bother Kiba, it wasn’t going to bug him. It wasn’t worth it.

“So now that you’re back, dinner and a beer? Or were you thinking something else?” he asked, pausing as they came to a streetlight and had to wait for the “Walk” sign to light up.

"Eh, the diner doesn't serve beer, but we could go down the block to a bar afterwards? Get a couple then go home...." Kiba had moved now, knowing it wasn't easy to walk with your head on someone's shoulder, though he refused to let him go completely.

All things considered, Hana was having a good day. Days without shifts in the ambulance tended to be better days, after all--spending such a solid chunk of time among animals, healthy or otherwise, was therapeutic to the soul in a way that helping other human beings didn't always match. So when she found herself hesitating on a corner, waiting for the light to change so she could cross the street and catch her bus, she was comfortably calm, eyes flicking absently over faces without any real intention.

But then she saw Kiba. And, what's more, she saw Kiba with a person she could only assume was the significant other he'd all but shunned society for not very long ago in a painful outburst. Needless to say, it changed the quality of her day very quickly.

She didn't bother hiding the rather sudden look of grim determination that snapped the smile from her lips. Maybe Kiba would catch sight of her across the street. It didn't matter. The light would change, and then he wouldn't be able to run fast enough from her.

Shikamaru was nodding about going to the bar afterward. "I wouldn't mind that. I don't plan on getting drunk, but a few, 'Welcome back,' beers wouldn't be too bad." He flashed a momentary smile, knowing their light was about to change in a minute or so, It was strange for him, but he wasn't thinking about how it might look if someone recognized them. At the moment, that didn't matter. Shika was just enjoying some time out with his boyfriend. He chuckled briefly and shook his head just a little at the thought. He'd get used to it eventually, he supposed.

"Such a good officer, worrying about public intoxication and all that." Kiba couldn't say as much for himself, he knew he'd done it more than once in the past. Most of the time it didn't matter since he walked or took a cab, it was only when other guys from the office noticed did you get crap for it the next day. Kiba rolled his eyes at the thought, hearing the tone emitted by the walk light when it changed, though he didn't care that he was running fingers idly along the edge of Shikamaru's pocket. He didn't want to move but knew even Shikamaru didn't want to miss their light and have to stand there for another several minutes.

When she wanted to, Hana moved very, very quickly. The second the light changed, she was moving like a bolt. Others were hurrying across the street with equal determination (not the pair she'd focused her attention on, who seemed a little to absorbed to join the masses hurrying across the street), but she dodged amongst them easily, aimed exactly right to prevent her younger brother and his companion from making it across the street without being blocked. One hand was already out to catch the male Inuzuka by the scruff of the neck, should he decide to bolt when she stopped in front of them.

"Who the fuck is this, Kiba?" Perhaps not the most eloquent way of putting things. Hana didn't particularly mind. It wasn't an eloquent moment.

"Shi-shikamaru!" Kiba's nose curled, eyes squint and teeth bared as his sister practically held him down. The answer was blunt and unhesitant, though he couldn't seem to help the stutter from the pinching of his sister's nails.

Shikamaru barely had time to react to the sudden appearance of Kiba’s sister. He hadn’t even seen her coming. He did pull away from Kiba though, his senses going wild. She was clearly upset. And it had to do with him, he was certain. The fact that Kiba was a bit cowed by the woman was also an indication that Shikamaru should be out of the line of fire. Still, he couldn’t help but speak, seeing as he had, in fact, met her before.

“We met once before, Inuzuka-san. You came to the office looking for Kiba...” His voice was calm, as was the expression on his face.

For a second, her attention snapped around from her brother to the interloper. It didn't soften her tone or cut down any on the viciously displeased look on her face. "You," the word underlined by a shake of her index finger at the Nara's face with the hand that wasn't digging nails deep into Kiba's skin, "can just shut it for a minute."

Which brought her attention back to her brother. It wasn't that she horribly objected to him clearly having a gentleman friend. In fact, it was probably even a positive thing, in many ways. Before she'd shown up, the pair had looked passably happy--and it was no secret that Hana wanted her brother to be happy.

"Don't care what his name is, Kiba." It was also no secret that her brother's happiness was currently neither here nor there in her inquisition. "Just want t' know if this is the same asshole who had you curled up in your apartment with your tail between your legs because he wouldn't give ya the time of day."

"What th' fuck does it matter if you're jus' gonna scare him away by being a total fucking bitch?!" Kiba snarled despite the obviously pained scrunching of his face. He was going to be feeling it for quite some time, maybe even bleeding from it... it hurt enough that such things became muddled and it was hard to tell. And by the looks from passersby no one was going to say a damn thing should she actually do some damage. Everyone was keeping as far away from it as possible.

Kiba wanted to lift a hand and tear her off his neck, he wanted to do a lot of things but he'd been taught much, much differently. Though just because he wasn't physically retaliating didn't mean he was going to be any less volatile or disagreeable about it.

It could have been worse. Hana could have been the same amount of volatile that the rest of her family was. Instead, she was significantly more relaxed, infinitely more patient, and a good deal less likely to cause grievous bodily harm. So rather than actually rip her brother's head from his neck, she simply dug her nails in a hair tighter.

Of course, given that she was still an Inuzuka--even if an amazingly patient one--it was likely hard for an outside observer to tell that she was anything but 'downright furious.' This was one of those family entanglements that civilians skirted nervously. "Matters because I'm not lettin' my little brother be tugged the fuck around by someone who treats him like shit."

"We talked this all out a few (couple? can't remember) weeks ago. It was a misunderstanding on my part and I did apologize," Shikamaru offered. Granted, he didn't dare step any closer to the two feuding Inuzuka. Kiba looked ready to maul his sister if she ever let him go. He also had started to notice how they were being watched and it was a tad unnerving.

"Maybe.. we should go somewhere... more private and talk this out?" With how Hana had handled his last statement, he doubted she'd listen to this suggestion, but it was worth a shot.

The interruption was greeted with the same vague gesture at patience as the Nara's previous statement: with a firm jut of her index finger in the young man's direction. This time it wasn't accompanied by a glare or snarled remark, however. Hana's full focused attention aside from the gesture remained on her brother.

It was nice to think that they'd talked. It would be wonderful to hear they'd worked out the issues, that her brother had gotten a heartfelt apology and was being appropriately catered to, that things were happy and wonderful and she had to start working on accepting this new interloper as a fixture of importance in Kiba's life.

But hearing it from the third party wasn't going to help anything. Some thing needed to be said by blood relatives whose tones you knew and bullshit you could call.

"Let go of me!" Kiba snapped. What the hell was she expecting him to explain when he was completely at her mercy? "I'm not talking 'till you get off me!"

So help her, Hana tried to comply. One of the few areas where she fell short of being more relaxed than other Inuzuka, unfortunately, was stubbornness. So her nails unlatched from the hold they'd taken on Kiba's neck, but only made it to the front of his shirt before fisting into the fabric for another tight hold.

"'s as off as I'm getting until you talk."

"Then lucky for me there ain't nothin' ta talk about." Oh, she'd already set off Kiba's growl mode, he was going to have to flip a switch to go back. "Cause he already told you what happened!"

Shikamaru's arms had crossed over his chest, watching the interaction with a frown and furrowed brows. If he'd realized his mistake was going to cause this much trouble, he would have done better about avoiding Kiba's older sister. He wanted to help, but the woman had already ignored him twice. It was to the point where he'd have to step in physically if he was going to do anything, and he didn't like the idea that he may have to restrain the Inuzuka woman. On the other hand, if he did step in, he was sure she'd hate his guts more than she already did. And Shikamaru didn't want this to be any more difficult than it was already proving to be.

He looked at his boyfriend and frowned more. "Sorry, Kiba. I hadn't realized how much your sister would hate me..."

"Stop it." Kiba turned away from his sister long enough to reach over and poke Shikamaru square in the nose.

Shikamaru blinked at the poke, one corner of his mouth quirking up just a little. He supposed if Kiba was happy, then he didn't really need the family approval. It might make things more difficult without it, though.

A very tiny part of Hana was overjoyed. Her brother had his fight back, was clearly sweet and happy with his partner, didn't seem to be licking at wounds much deeper than the dig of her nails into his shoulder. But the overwhelming majority of Hana wanted to shove her brother all the way home and have her mother explain exactly why the idea of keeping someone in your life who could break your spirit in half was such a bad idea.

Possibly with violence.

Instead, she just shoved with the hand still on here brother, a little harder than was strictly necessary. "If it's so damn simple to say, you can say it yourself, Kiba."

"To tell you he said he was sorry? That seems stupid." Kiba rolled his eyes despite his sister's grip on his shirt. Whatever she wanted to get out of this he didn't really know. There wasn't much else to say than he already had. "What you think we didn't talk about it and just randomly decided to hook up with nothing backing anything up?" Sure he jumped into things more often than not, but he didn't jump if someone said no or the talk had gone badly. Odds are if Shikamaru had just told him to deal with it or told him off they'd be back at square one and he'd still be upset, though he might not yet be over Shikamaru or anything like that... hell he'd at least be heartbroken instead of depressed... "Being blunt'n honest worked, whaddya know?"

"It's a distinct possibility. You're kinda a fuckin' idiot half the time." Hana didn't care that she was all but spitting now. She did care that most of the rest of what she wanted to say was an incoherent jumble. So she took a deep breath to steady herself, managed to completely unlatch from her brother (it turned into something of a shove with her meaning it to), and began mentally counting to ten.

"Are we done with the interrogation then?" Shikamaru cut in, sounding a bit bored. He had actually wanted to hang out with Kiba, and he was getting hungry. Yes, he'd apparently been an ass without quite realizing it, but they'd talked. "Kiba is a big boy now. If it was a more pressing issue, or he felt he couldn't handle it, I'm sure he would have asked for your opinion again. But we've managed to discuss things, and worked it out."

He looked to Kiba with a raised brow. "Are you getting hungry, Kiba? Because I am..."

In truth Kiba really wasn't... not anymore. He didn't want to contradict Shikamaru's efforts, but he didn't want to let what his sister said stand, either. "I'm fuckin' stupid for wanting ta trust people sometimes, you're fucking stupid for not trusting anybody! You didn't learn nothin' from mom! I'm not gonna torture myself all the time and be miserable and alone jus' cause dad was an asshole. You know what? I'm not dad, neither is Shika!"

He hadn't meant to say it, but it was said now and he wasn't going to take it back. Turning away from his sister eyes barely even flicked to Shikamaru. "Yeah... we should go."

It was a low blow. Of course, it was the same blow she'd been skirting since the last time they spoke about Kiba's love life. Somehow, actually hearing the words out loud was like shutting something down that she couldn't quite name. There had been a reason Hana hadn't actually pulled their parents' relationship into the conversation, strongly though she'd implied the comparison.

She couldn't quite describe the feeling.

Nor was there anything else to say. There wasn't even much of an impulse to kick or hit or any of the other various forms of childish torture that used to help resolve disagreements between young Inuzuka. Everything died on here lips soundlessly. Her hand went to her pocket to dig for her phone, and she began her automatic route toward her bus stop.

Shikamaru blinked at the sudden defeat that washed over the woman. He knew that Kiba's dad had left when the kids were young, but he didn't realize that it was as sore a subject as Kiba implied.

He glanced to Kiba with a raised brow. As worried as he was about losing something important around this woman, he felt a twinge of guilt at the fact that he'd been the cause of such a serious fight. On top of that, the idea of the woman moping around, or worse, Kiba moping around, because of this was not appealing to Shikamaru at all.

"Not hungry anymore..." Kiba sighed, shrugging and just letting Hana leave. He'd probably... just lost his sister over this. Hell, he knew he was stupid, but Hana calling him stupid had... snapped something. What was he supposed to say or do? He was far from a social expert. Odds were he couldn't even figure himself out, let alone her.

Shikamaru made a small face, reaching for Kiba's arm lightly. "I didn't mean to... make this worse." He hadn't realized the woman would get so upset about Kiba dating him. He understood some anger and frustration, but the level at which Kiba and Hana had both reacted was... more extreme than he would have thought.

He glanced after Hana carefully, not liking the dejected look on Kiba's face.

Kiba shook his head. "She wasn't supposed to react like that. She was supposed to hit me." Maybe even punch him. She was supposed to react with rage and hardheaded Inuzuka-ness. But really... it went deeper than that. She believed in what she believed... and what Kiba believed... was somehow far different. He didn't know how it happened or how it could be fixed but he was certain an apology would gain nothing but her calling him a wimp, her state of mind steadfast the way Kiba's had been when he was worrying about Shikamaru. "I'm... sorry I ruined the date. It wasn't your fault... it was me."

Shaking his head, the Nara frowned more. “You didn’t ruin anything..” Almost uncertainly, he reached out and wrapped his arm around Kiba’s shoulder. “We’ll just... go back and hang out? I’ll buy you a drink tomorrow. Or we could stop by a store and grab something?” He was frowning. Normally, in this sort of situation, it was required to comfort the other person, but he wasn’t sure if Kiba wanted him to be more concerned or less. He figured Kiba would let him know by how he reacted to the contact he was offering now.

“Yeah... later. And shit we made you walk all the way this far.” Kiba tried to push a laugh, and it helped but he just needed to not think about it a while. It would work, it had worked before. At least he assumed it would.

“Tch. Inconsiderate,” Shika teased lightly. “That just means I’ll be leaning on you more because I’m getting tired of walking.” He glanced sideways at Kiba, not liking the faked laugh, but knowing the other man was trying to just get past it.

“Want me to carry you?” Kiba rolled his eyes. It wasn’t the first time he’d offered, after all.

“You don’t have to. I was just joking,” he said, tugging Kiba a bit closer. Inwardly, he was frowning. “Don’t be so down. It’ll work out all right.” It probably wasn’t what Kiba wanted to hear, but Shikamaru wanted to try and help make the man feel better.

“I’d hope so...” Kiba did, but he didn’t know how things would work out with his sister since he’d just turned his back on her in a sense. “Can we reschedule th’ date part? I think... it kinda sucks ta give up on it if we haven’t been together in a while.” He turned his head, not looking completely wrecked, though he was obviously feeling a bit heavy. “I still want to hang out with you an’ wasn’t trying to make it sound like that. I really would carry ya if you wanted me to.”

“Date part rescheduled,” he said with a wave of his free hand. “It’s not a big deal. I don’t mind hanging out. If I’d thought you wanted to be alone, I would have left a while ago.” Shikamaru offered a slight grin.

That was good, at least Shikamaru seemed to know Kiba well enough to know he wasn’t supposed to back away or leave him on his own. “Naw, that’s not me. If it was people wouldn’t’a thought I was clingy or whatever.” He didn’t like that he was seen that way, but how was he supposed to change that he liked being with people? “I got... movies er somethin’.”

“A movie would be fine.” Shikamaru’s head tilted away from Kiba, raising an eyebrow. “Or just T.V. We don’t have to go crazy.” He patted Kiba’s shoulder lightly, pulling away enough to walk a little easier.

“Why not go crazy?” Kiba wrinkled his nose, but actually smiled a bit. “Might help.”

“If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.” Shikamaru hoped that Kiba wouldn’t get into a slump because of this. If it came down to it, he could try to talk to the older Inuzuka, but from the way she reacted this time, he doubted that would do much of anything. Plus, given her anger at him, he didn’t think bodily harm was out of the question for her.


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