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Love, Revenge, and Birthdays (OPEN)
sashimilover wrote in red_moon_comm
Who: Iruka and anyone who wants to join in
When: Morning of Sept 15th
Where: PD
Summary: Practical jokes are Iruka's way of showing affection
Rating: VERY PG ^.^
Warnings: Nothing

Iruka came to work deliberately during the dead space where the night shift was half asleep because their shift was nearly over and their paperwork was done. He snuck into Kakashi and Asuma's office first. Replaced the books Kakashi had tucked away in his desk with books that he'd bought then carefully ripped the pages out of. He'd been in once the night before to make sure he bought the right ones to use. He stuck Kakashi's books in his book bag so they wouldn't get lost. Then he lowered Kakashi's chair and oiled the so when he went to raise it up he'd get a nice fist full of grease. It took a lot more effort to find and remove every pen and pencil from their office and left one a pen rigged to zap him when he clicked it in the drawer and a glued second to his desk. He added a whoopie cushion for distraction. If he got him with that, he'd be entertained but it was there just because it was a classic and the "aw you thought you'd get me, how cute" effect. A bucket of water was a little difficult to manage and not make a huge mess so he opted for a plastic cup of water instead.

After that he replaced all the coffee with decaf and hid the real stuff and set out the birthday cake and card with a very carefully photo-shopped picture of Kakashi without his mask and carefully added acne and a hairlip. It wasn't actually a picture of Kakashi without his mask but only he and Kakashi would be able to tell.

None of was very serious and it wasn't meant to be just his way of saying he hadn't forgotten the stupid cake. The last one, he admitted, might have been a little mean... coffee was vital to Police life after all.

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"Was it you that made my head wet?" Okay maybe he could have said it another way to make it sound less... childish... but then again it wasn't every day he got a glass of water on his head. The last time it had happened he'd been dealing with children.

Iruka grinned. "Uh... maybe. Depends. Am I in trouble?"

That was as good as an answer, really. Kakashi left his eyes flat and just looked at Iruka for a moment. He didn't buy it, of course, but he was also aware that it was just Iruka's idea of payback for the things he'd done on his birthday.

"All right. It could be worse." Kakashi moved to sit down, knowing Iruka could pull the other chair around if he wanted to.

Grinning, Iruka slipped inside and closed the door then walked over and grabbed the other chair. "Much much worse but I decided I'd be good. Even if my other idea was so much more fun..." He set the chair beside Kakashi and dropped down into it.

"What kind of idea was that?" Kakashi knit his brow, slightly, dropping down on his own chair... only to emit a strange sound like air escaping from rubber. He glanced down and behind him... his expression even more confused than before.

Iruka snickered then smiled and tried to look innocent. "Oh well I was going to order you this great big cake and have a stripper jump out of it..."

"Do I even want to ask?" The innocent look was making Kakashi think that this 'stripper' of Iruka's was something potential scary and or dangerous to the psyche to behold.

"Well I wouldn't want to go the usual route then there's no surprise so I thought what could be better than getting some really old guy to jump out of the cake." Iruka smirked. "Then it wouldn't even matter that you don't eat cake plus I'd get not just you but everyone else. Then I decided it might be a bit cruel. I must be going soft."

Kakashi frowned, though it was neither visible nor comprehensible. He himself wasn't sure if it was worse thinking about the imagery or the fact that if he weren't 'going soft' he would have done such a thing. Only grunting to show he'd heard, Kakashi pulled the flat rubber bladder out from beneath him and dropped it on the floor. "At least the cake I got for your birthday was edible..." And he didn't see it as disturbing or embarrassing really. Maybe he was wrong and Iruka had thought differently. After all he'd picked the shirtless woman cake instead of a bared male simply because he thought Iruka would understand he was trying to keep it less socially taboo.

"True but you don't like cake and I can't just do that. It would be boring and well it doesn't take any thought at all." Iruka wasn't actually sure Kakashi would get that he was flirting in the most socially acceptable fashion and subtle fashion he knew how and on a certain level he worried how Kakashi would take it. The few times he'd mentioned it, Kakashi had seemed a little confused by it or at least wary of what Iruka would do.

Grunting again, Kakashi leaned back in his chair, setting one foot then the other on his desk. His chair was low... he had to push it a bit to get the desired effect. "How much time did you have for this?" He was referencing the three different things he'd already noticed, not to mention there might be more.

"Mm... well the actual set up didn't take long, planning took longer, and figuring out what to do took time. I've been trying to figure out what to do for a couple of weeks now." Iruka leaned back in his chair and shrugged then made a face. "Ah darn I should have put glitter instead of water in the cup. Then you'd have it on you for weeks. Little flecks showing up every now and then anyway."

"Glitter? Because of the pink box?" Kakashi had kept it in the car as to not embarrass Iruka in front of the office. "Come now, Iruka. Was it really that bad?"

Iruka smiled and shook his head. "I know my perception of pranks is different than yours but it wasn't bad, it was clever. I like clever, it's memorable." As long as it wasn't hurtful or if it was not undeserved then he couldn't help but admire the thought behind a prank. "That kind of embarrassment isn't bad. It's only embarrassing because you're the center of attention and you look a little silly. I don't mind that, I respect it. Plus it's fun."

"On the other hand, glitter is mean. I had one student when I taught at the dojo bring glitter, and I didn't even touch the stuff and it ended up in some places I'd rather not mention." And Kakashi hadn't been the only one confused, that was for sure.

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