A Youthful Friendship; A Deadly Match [Part One]
Who: Lee, Gaara
When: August 18, afternoon
Where: SIB offices/Lee’s residence
Summary: A week after their meeting, Lee makes good on his offer to spar with Gaara, and meets him at his office before the two head to Lee’s for their match. The match that follows is quite the show down.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Fighting, broken bones, youth!, spandex

A worthy opponent; a worthier friendCollapse )

Once a Friend...
Hair Fix
Who: Mizuki, Iruka
When: June 15 (backlog)
Where: Mostly Iruka's house
Summary: Some pet therapy and guilt-tripping
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Animals, everywhere...Collapse )

A Necessary Talk
ocha, 楽しい お茶, tanoshii
Who: Kiba, Shikamaru
When: a few days after
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Where: Shikamaru’s apartment, and walking to Kiba’s
Summary: Kiba’s been having some issues with Shikamaru’s lack of communication
Rating: PG
Warnings: boy things

Not gonna forget your birthday...Collapse )

don't know what you'll find
marked, dark, again and you lose an eye
Who: Mitarashi Anko, Orochimaru
When: August 16th, evening
Where: The midst of celebrations in a park
Summary: It's sort of amazing how many festivals center around people being reunited. But who doesn't love a street fair?
Rating: PG-13 (just because it’s them)
Warnings: Orochimaru and Anko. What. That is a valid warning.

It was a dumb story.Collapse )

[Completed Log] First Impressions
shy, embarrassed, nervous
Who: Lee, Gaara
When: August 11, afternoon
Where: SIB offices/walking in the direction of Gaara’s residence
Summary: While on his way to ask about his most recent SIB application denial, Lee makes a new “friend”.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Lee.

YOUTH!Collapse )

[ Finished Log | All the sins for which I am to blame... ]
Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?, Daydream, Thought, Consideration
Who: Shikamaru, Tenten
What: The one time they call Tenten in for questioning, she had nothing to do with it.
Where: Police Station, interrogation room
When: Friday, May 7th [ Way way backdated ]
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really, they're kinda boring.

Closing in are the last words that you said...Collapse )

(no subject)
Who: Haku, Mizuki
When: July 9th
Where: Small museum/Mizuki's workplace
Summary: Chance meetings and a chat
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

A little culture, perhapsCollapse )

Chance Encounters of the Third Kind
[y] love this record babe
Who: Inuzuka Hana, Nara Shikamaru
When: Afternoon of July 5th
Where: Lost somewhere in the police station
Summary: Hana and Shikamaru meet accidentally. One of them suspects this is important. The other one is Hana.
Rating: G
Warnings: None, it's just a fluffy bit of meeting people.

'Do you have a brother?'Collapse )

Date thing (slightly...ish... backdated XD)
ocha, 楽しい お茶, tanoshii
Who: Shikamaru and Kiba
When: May 4th, afternoon/evening
Where: Restaurant and park
Summary: The two go on a date
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: boy flirting...

...it makes ya look like a pretty princess.Collapse )

Siblings Bonding
Who: Inuzuka Hana, Inuzuka Kiba
When: Some day after work
Where: Diner with good coffee
Summary: The Inuzuka children grab something to eat and brood over their mother's upcoming birthday.
Rating: PG
Warnings: No warnings. Only hugs.
tonight she wouldn't be eating aloneCollapse )


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