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A Naruto Alternate Universe (AU) roleplay community with a mafia/police focus.
Gray smoke fills the air in a city that seems to always be haunted by a Red Moon. It is common knowledge that after a certain hour at night, it is unsafe to walk the streets. There are those who decide to wander around at strange hours into the long darkness. Sometimes nothing comes of it. Sometimes they become the next front page headline.

The only time that ever seems safe is during the day, and even then it is difficult to figure out who is your friend and who is your enemy. You can pick the side of good; the true justice in the city of darkness. You can pick the side of evil; the darkness itself that wanders cold streets. Or maybe you will pick someplace in between.

Good or evil, it seems such an alluring prospect. In the city of Konoha the streets are painted red. Who knows where the next turn will lead …

Within your alignment here in the city, it is not necessary to take a side. You can become mafia, owning the streets at night. You can become police, hunting the darkness and trying to restore order to the broken. You can work the hospital, hurting or healing, but always turning the tides. You can be somewhere in between, fallen in the cracks, your agenda unknown to the world. You can fight, die, and deceive in the city. The choice is yours. What choice will you make?

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