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Who: Police w/ invitation extended to Sakura
When: Some weekend in April
Where: Police station
Summary: Birthday Party for any police for Mar-May + Sakura
Rating: Keep it tame, anything wild take a new log.
Warnings: Sorry to anyone left out trying to figure something out for the Mafia and anyone else left out, ideas and suggestions welcome.

Happy BirthdayCollapse )

Valentine's Day Massacre {Event/Mafia Orders}
Valentine's day is a cheap, meaningless holiday. It implies fluff, painted pink candies and a false and unrealistic sense of 'love'. Roses die, smelling of corpses, they hide their thorns under false pretense. Chocolates rot the teeth and the body, resulting in obesity and dentist visits. 'One more reason to die'. Cupid shoots an arrow through the heart, even though everyone knows that arrows and bullets are only made to kill.

It is all a giant contradiction is it not? Deriving happiness from things that otherwise cause sadness and pain.

So maybe it's a sick joke that the colors everyone thinks of for Valentine's Day are Red, White and Pink. Even pink is better kept as blood running through a stark white gown. It is simply a dilution of red, the thinning of life's precious blood as it pools from the body. That's what it is, really. Valentine's day is a bullet through the heart, soaking the essence of death on the immaculate white robes of innocence.







Second. By. Second.

Password Protected [unhackable; viewable by mafia underbosses only]Collapse )

Bars Broken Free {Open Post Mafia}
Hidaka Mod
Who: Mafia (Akatsuki/Taka)
When: Night of Courtroom Chaos
Where: Akatsuki Headquarters, general lobby
Summary: Madara walks free and his men breathe a sigh of relief.
Rating: PG (anything NC-17 needs to be done in a separate log not in comments)
Warnings: None

After this, it's back to business.Collapse )

Justice is Blind, so let's not be... {Open}
Kit Mod
Who: Police and Hospital
When: Morning after Courtroom Chaos and two days after Swift Clean Up (You'll want to read these first)
Where: Police Headquarters, general briefing room
Summary: The Chief addresses the situation
Rating: PG (anything NC-17 needs to be done in a separate log not in comments)
Warnings: None

Police HeadquartersCollapse )


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